Note book is a blend of fact, fictional and conjecture.

Your task as target audience is to uncover the truth.

Bradley makes use of historic incidents and real people. He also pulls inspiration from other texts. This is called intertextuality. For example he draws on Conrad's book Center of Night to explore the darkness in man's heart. His character Kurt parallels Conrad's Kurtz. This individual also quotes from Ondaatje p. thirty seven to develop his idea about maps " whose pictures have nothing to do with surface. ” This in conjunction with his narrative about the explorers inside the Age of Colonialism Develops the idea that reality can be deceptive. It can hold hidden dangers and quite often are a phony premise to get started on a mission. This backlinks to USE OF MAPS AND DISCUSSION ABOUT USE OF MAPS.

Look at the roadmaps and you will see how they are erroneous especially in terms of which represents Australia. The decorations are usually inaccurate. These kinds of maps were a work of speculation. These people were deceptive and frequently dangerous. Mathew Flinders was one manager who rejected the Maps. Maps certainly are a METAPHOR intended for in the not yet proven and uncertain nature of history. Maps had been guarded and kept secret symbolic from the competition between those who had been seeking to discover and then to shield those discoveries. Maps had been a symbol of power. Because the secrecy meant that they got dropped it also reveals the reader that discoveries could be lost. " In the shifting patterns of time”

This kind of links for the reoccurring pictures of CHANGING SANDS. And WRACK/WRECK/SHIP. David and Kurt are connected by their shared quest to discover/ rediscover the shipwreck. All their problems are symbolised by the moving sands. The of foot prints both like a heading and within narratives suggests facts – somebody has been there but lovers with pictures of fine sand show evidence can be misplaced like the ship/wreck. Again record is inconclusive.


There are several stories every interwoven

David's search, his current analysis. This collides...