Essay for the strange case of Dr

п»їAni Misirliyan

Kathryn Bellows

(H) English 2A

24 Nov 2014

Curiosity Kills the Cat

Inside the Strange Case of Dr . Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Stevenson, curiosity becomes a dominant issue that leads people in dangerous circumstances that can not be escaped.

Many character types show fascination throughout this kind of novella, just like Mr. Utterson. Mr. Utterson obtains a career as a legal professional, which by simply definition makes him a curious persona. He looks forward to solving other's issues, and obtaining into people's personal lives. This causes him to get involved in additional character's challenges, which eventually leads all of them into hazardous circumstances. Among the this happens when Doctor Lanyon leaves Mr. Utterson two characters, both written by him. The first page discussing the reason behind his death, and the different letter is definitely not to become opened until after Dr . Jekyll's death. Mr. Utterson, although convinced to open the other letter, chooses not to. For instance , Mr. Utterson states, " A great attention came within the trustee, to disregard the prohibition and jump at once to the bottom of these mysteries, nevertheless Professional honour and trust to his dead good friend were strict obligations; plus the packet slept in the inmost corner of his private safe" (Ch. 6). Mister. Utterson usually acts on his feelings of curiosity, but also in this illustration he refrains. If this individual opens the letter, he could make an attempt to rescue Doctor Jekyll from his end of unfortunate events; nevertheless , Mr. Utterson experiences numerous incidents in which his interest guides him into problems; therefore , this individual decides to settle out of their business. However, his curiosity could have helped his friend, Dr . Jekyll, for the better.

The setting also shows curiosity and its effects throughout the occasions that take place. For example , interest leads to Doctor Jekyll's creation of Mister. Hyde. Like a man of science Dr . Jekyll continues to be curious about everything. For instance, Dr . Jekyll's fascination causes him to wonder how the lower class lives...