The Life of the Chinese Player Essay

Contemporary World Culture Project Component I

Instructor: Sally Franco

Ashley Guioa

February a few, 2013

The season is 2006, my name is Ashley, and I i am a Oriental farmer whom lives in the North Cina Plain with my husband and three children aged newborn, six, and eleven years of age. We are located about ninety miles from Beijing through which we commute to by means of a fast coach when needed. The North China and tiawan Plain is known as " China's Breadbasket” since it contains sixty-five percent of its cultivated fields. My family and I have 6 acres of land to get our farming income and livelihood. 3 acres are used for rice cropping and the various other three massive areas are used for the growth of fruit and vegetables for sale which include cucumbers, peppers, and weight loss plans. Also held on the farm building are three pigs right now, as well as added vegetables that are made for the family's personal consumption. This lowers the cost of having to buy food stores from the regional market. Along with profits, the farm building is used as our personal food supply as well, with limit of course to what is required. This year, each of our rice crop yielded over 2, 1000 kilos of grain, making the relatives 2, 800 Yuan at a rate of a hundred and forty Yuan per 100 lbs. However , the majority of this profits was spent on pesticides, fertilizer, and spending money on the much needed or perhaps workers who have assisted the family with planting and harvesting the crops. As so much with the income in the vegetables and rice proceed toward the price of maintaining the farm, my family and I do reside in poverty with very limited cash to spend about shoes, garments, and other needs other than the foodstuff and utilities for survival. Being that funds is scarce and we cannot afford the gadgets and other types of technology that most persons in the world include for entertainment, for fun all of us attend live operas, audio shows, acrobatic arts shows, etc . These shows contain entertainment through our own area people who carry out musical incidents, dancing, magician acts, and so forth in vibrant...

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