Essay upon Sciencemap

Yazhou Zhao


Christina Stiso


A map of Technology

The Science is a first term and most significant word once we went into colleges. It is every thing besides relationship among people, even though it is getting better in this humankind field day by day. Science has to be rational and deductive, not inductive. Just like everything fall to floor without a support, Jim is actually a so-called point, so proper jim with the air, he may fall to ground. But since we terribly lack this deductive thinking, all of us say " Jim is going to fall to ground” all of us don't know in the event that he is in land or in the air plus the result summary is incorrect. Science develop based on this kind of tight logic.

In logic, I actually separate scientific research to two primary parts, you are Humanity Research and the various other one is organic Sci ence. These two parts are like two fixed superstars in a system. They catch the attention of and affect each other, so do to their dish stars who it participate in main parts.

In Humanity Science, there is Psychology, Economics, Society, Law, Language Examine, History Analyze, Religion Study, Politics, Education, Art Analyze and etc. The similarity of such science subjects is their particular topic around human and the group. They earn us understand ourselves and develop knowledge of people's romantic relationship and firm.

In Normal Science, there is Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, location, Medical and new-developed Science so on Computer Technology. They are all goal and proved by proof, undeniable. They will develop since human commence to know this world, step by step. Experts do experiments to explore our planet.

The secondary stars of two parts don't only around the primary star, they also go around stars consist of part and develop jointly, so it is just like a complex celebrity system.