Spiritual Presents Essay

Psychic Gifts

*** Bible textual content used: Romans 12: 3-8, 1 Philip 4: 10-11, 1 Corinthians 12 – 14, Ephesians 4: 7-13***

I. Many people are given several spiritual items so that we can work together as one group in Christ, and therefore further His kingdom here at Earth: a. Think about it – if we most had the gift of encouragement – what happens? Nothing. We would all bypass encouraging persons, but there is no one to evangelize (preach the gospel) to others whom are not however saved. m. And, the same goes for the opposite of that sama dengan if we all had the gift of evangelism and that we all gone around evangelizing, we would shortly grow tired and exhausted if presently there wasn't any person there to encourage and create us up. i. Find Corinthians doze – 18 and Aventure 12: a few – 8

II. Although there seems to be certain presents that are saved in higher esteem or worth than the snooze, it is not authentic. Every present is important inside the goal of furthering the dominion of God. a. For instance = the Bible phone calls saved believers in Christ (Christians) who fellowship and are also active in church the " Physique of Christ" (anyone who will be saved turns into part of this " body" in which we all have been connected and focused on furthering the Kingdom of God. What makes it called the " body"? Think about it = just like a body needs most of it's parts to fully function – such as the eyes, and hands, and fingers, and toes, and feet – so too does the church need all of the spiritual gifts to be able to fully function properly. Think it over = if you stub your little bottom, your whole body system reacts to the pain – you cry out, you hop around, you bane, you grab your foot = this is actually the same way the Body of Christ responds to losing a member, or perhaps if there is some spiritual present that we absence. i. Find 1 Corinthians 12 – 14 & Romans doze: 3 – 8

3. What are the various kinds of spiritual gifts?

a. Apostles (ofcourse not anymore…. died out with Christ – These people were the disciples that actually understood Christ) n. Prophecy

c. Teachers

deb. Miracle workers

e. Workers

f. Products of...