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A project about NABIL Traditional bank Ltd. Kamaladi

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This Report has become prepared as being a prerequisite to get the completion of the Bachelors Degree in Business Studies (BBS) of Tribhuvan University. I would like to express deep appreciation and sincere thanks to the Management, � Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.  for providing me the opportunity and encouragement to work in esteemed bank. This method has the truth is provided me high opportunity to learn about bank operation and large extent about marketing in Nepal. Lots of people have added their support to me in preparing this report. First of all, I want to say thanks to Tribhuvan University or college for providing us chance and allowing for me for this study. Besides, I would like to thank complete family of Nabil Bank for providing us a guidance and great support throughout my particular task. In this regard, I would like to express my own cordial as a result of our supervisor, Mr. Subash Acharya, (Principal)and Mr. Sushil Raj Dieses (Lecturer) of Orient University, for their eager supervision, advice and support throughout the planning of the report. Lastly, I would like to appreciate all the valuable people for achieveing spared their very own time to aid me by sharing their particular views on this issue.

Kiran Lama

BBS, 3rd Year

Table of material



Origin of Bank: �

Meaning of Bank

History of Bank in Nepal

Commercial Bank�

Commercial Financial institutions in Nepal

Advantages of Nabil Bank Limited


The Board of Directors of Nabil Consists of



Credit Cards


Western Union Money Transfer

SWIFT (Society for Globally Inter Financial institution Financial Telecommunication) Safe Deposit Locker

Computerized Teller Machines(ATM)�

Other facilities�

Introduction To Deposit�

Types of Deposits and its Accounts Opening Treatment

Types of Deposits

Interest Bearing Deposit�

Non-Interest Bearing Deposit

Affirmation of Problems�

Significance of the study

Objective in the study�

Limit of the analyze

Methodology of Research�

Research Design�

Options for Data

Data Processing Approaches

Summary, Bottom line and Recommendation




Chapter 1


Origin of Bank:

It is very hard to collect the proper information of the origin of bank. The World Bank offers derived from the Italian world " Banco” this means accumulation involving of stock. The world of " Banco” is beginning and evaluation of financial institution. The Bajo means " Bench” So that it can also be declared bank is usually to stay in couch one place and do the bucks the business and banking play significant role in the development of country, the bank of Venice that was established in 1158 AD was the 1st bank in the history of banking. The bank of Barcelona Italy, which was set up in 1401 A. Deb., was the second bank of the world. The initially center lender was the traditional bank of Great britain whit was established in 1844 A. Deb.

Meaning of Bank�

Bank is actually a financial instinct, which is involved in monitory purchase. Bank has long been the most importance and greatest financial intermediates. Bank gathers scattered money from community providing individuals interests and services. This kind of collection turns into the capital to get the bank to get. So the place where time money transactions are done is named Bank. Therefore money of the bank is better to be correct and crystal clear. Importance...

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