Proposal for Thesis Essay


This newspaper presents the methodology pertaining to monitoring open-water drainage program in prediction of potential flooding in Barangay Marinig, Cabuyao, Olvido by putting into action GSM themes that will mail data to phones thru SMS. GSM technology is not just limited intended for mobile sales and marketing communications but can be use to build a system that may interfaced to Web via the internet. Ton monitoring program consists of instruments that are able to assess changes in water level that are supervised, processed and delivered systematically and drastically. The main aim of this studies for less cost and low power basis on more quickly monitoring of changes on the water behaviour to get efficient handling and distribution of information. The MCU used is Arduino and SiM900D for the GSM modems.

A credit card applicatoin of this approach in Motorisation Via Wi-fi Control comes with better accuracy and reliability, design secureness and durability, velocity and flexibility. The importance of this examine is to provide an effective monitoring system that would be considered to get better flood prevention from the society.



The essence this research is to design a project on wireless ton monitoring system that will help the tiny communities inside the Philippines like Barangay Marinig, Cabuyao Laguna who have complications and data of incidences of ton on their open drainage when the Descuido lake which can be connected to this overflowed.


The thought of this thesis is to make a project or design that make use of the GSM (Global Service pertaining to Mobile Communication) technology intended for flood monitoring system.

Its simple operation consists of water level sensors, analog signal, MCU (ARDUINO), GSM Modems and cellular phone that helps GSM Conversation. For suitable performance with this project and for better quality of monitoring program, GSM putting on interfacing info on the net by having a Web Server was thoroughly...