Outline intended for Informative Speech Essay

David Diem

COM one hundred ten

Outline for Informative Speech

I. Introduction

A. Raise both hands if you like or want to snowboard, snowboard, snowmobile top three in creating avalanche B. (Picture)I am here to alert my other classmates regarding the dangers of Avalanches C. (Picture)Why avalanches because Montana is one of the leading 3 claims for increase deaths inside the U. S. D. (Picture)All my studies from the websites of Nationwide Geographic, Nationwide snow and Ice info center, and most importantly The Forest Service National Avalanche Center Elizabeth. (Write on Board)Today I will talk to you about, what conditions trigger avalanches, how avalanches form, and security tips to steer clear of avalanches

2. Body

A. 1st I would like to talk about the different circumstances that raise the chance of a great avalanche 1 ) The initially condition is if there was weighty rain and snowfall it makes the snowback unstable 2. Most avalanches are triggered the initially clear day after a storm

2 . (Picture)The second condition is if there is a lot of windblown snow. * Breeze can deposit snow 10 times faster than snow slipping from storms * (Board) The windblown snow generally travels shelter ward part of a hill 3. The very last and most important condition is known as a rapid increase in temperature and gravity 5. The closer to this gives the snow temperature to 0 degrees C, the greater the threat (picture)For model, have you at any time noticed the layer of snow on the car windshield after a compacted snow? While the temperature remains low, the snow sticks to the surface and does not slide away. After the temp increases, however , the snow will slip, down the front side of the windscreen, often in small slabs

B. Subsequent I will speak about how the avalanches occur underneath these circumstances 1 . (EX picture) poor snow the law of gravity and weight

2 . *Avalanche fatalities by simply activities

a few. *First off almost all avalanches occur upon slopes from 35 to 50 degress 4. (EX picture)Avalanche path

5. (video)now...