Sas Journal Essay

Mrs. Gober,

Were parents and we are publishing to inform you of a issue with AP US History eleven class. We know that you know that there is a problem in this category because met with you in Friday regarding the problem. He can not the only one that has a issue with her. We can say that other people include complained regarding her also. Since institution has started comes home and told all of us things that could happen in her class. We would say maybe she's just using a bad time. We tried to give her a chance because we understood that the lady was new to this school. We know that this is an AP class and so the students in this class are the ones that care about their particular grades. We now have read email to you and we agree with him. Changes should be made in her class. is all about an easy class but this kind of class does not have any pattern. They never know very well what she is going to do next. The lady may give them a evaluation on anything they have not even studied. They just do not even have textual content books to use. Isn't there some kind of subjects for a great AP US History course? They will be taking AP exam at the end from the year and she has certainly not taught these people anything that may help them with that exam. Every we since parents hear is that it can be good for our kids to take an AP category because if they are able to move the AP exam by the end of the yr then they will receive college credit rating for that class. Does it certainly not seem like there would at least end up being some kind of text books the scholars would need? Once she gives them groundwork she simply tells them to Google that or understand the answer by a class partner. Now how could anyone know the dimensions of the answers since it is obvious the girl with not educating them? In addition, she calls them retarded and that we do not appreciate that. When ever came home and told us about her pre writing the complete class up that was your last hay. Also was assigned as the teacher that day. She did not actually give him any kind of material to train with. I assume since your woman doesn't make use of any materials to teach with she feels the students avoid need...