Media Physical violence Essay

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almost 8 January 2015

Perspective upon Violence in the Media


In society, increasing of violent TV programs and video games happen to be serious complications. I investigated two females and two men who have their own identity about the violence in the media. They can be different age ranges and have civilizations. Also, through their own qualification, they demonstrated diverse approaches to understand and find out a traditions from media. By comparing all interviewers, I could gain different concepts of them.

Information regarding Interview

Two females and two men had been interviewed just for this investigation. One female and one person are my personal neighbors that both of them have worked for several years, and also have one kid. The various other two of them are my friends and studying in SMC. I asked them regarding impact of violence in the media plus they answered the questions in a different way. The 1st woman interviewee is a 30-year-old American and has a some years old son. Once she was about 9-10 years old, she became aware of physical violence in the media. She watched the movie " Bad young boys, ” which includes violent displays, such as struggling with, guns, blood, explosions and silly actions. She says that after watching the movie, many kids especially kids feel behaviors and images inside the movie amazing. According to her, movies, Shows, video games can affect little one's behavior strongly. Because children tend to be more troubled by violent manners from mass media more easily, therefore it is not good for teenagers. Thus, your woman hopes why these violent pictures in the media should be limited and lowered by federal government to protect kids to grow up with genuine minds. The 2nd interviewee is actually a 36-year-old American man who has a 2-year-old son. If he was 7-8 years old, he experienced to begin the violence in the media. He offers older brother, so they were generally doing a computer game " Street Fighter, ” which was very popular that time, although filled with the vicious acts of assault. He...

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