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Current Concerns in Education

Jeff Jonas



The issues to be analyzed are; Do educator unions stymie school change? Can advantage pay increase the speed of school improvement, and can no tolerance break student privileges? The school getting analyzed in this paper will be Freedom High school graduation in Oakley, California. Flexibility is a complete high school of slightly more than 2600 college students, grades 9 through twelve. Freedom includes a diverse college student body including a significant human population of EL, SPED, and Title you students. The district was put into software improvement 8 years ago as that time ratings on the state and area assessments include undergone a strong and regular climb, particularly in science. The budget problems caused the district to issue lay-off notices and freeze elevates and DIET COKE increases. Prior to the 2007, the district was your third highest paying section in North California. The LEA (Liberty Educational Association) is very well represented and intensely vocal group in this section and fought against hard for teacher's privileges, benefits, and working circumstances. In 2009, Liberty was named a Washington dc Distinguished institution and in 2010 received a six yr WASC analysis. Despite finances constraints the community has approved several Connect issues for physical improvements to the institution facilities including a four most important athletic facility and substantial improvements for the library, both these styles which Liberty shares with all the community. Freedom is the center of the community and is seldom with out persons using the features.

Has the LEA stymied institution reform by Freedom? The LEA made a commitment to deal with hard for teacher's privileges but not at the expense in the students. The union has had some tough issues to solve with the area. During negotiations the schools evaluation scores and performance actually better. The Union agreed to put salary improves on the back burner before the district discovered its way to avoid it of the price range crunch. The teachers travelled six years with out an increase in pay. During this six yr period Liberty experienced their highest price of

improvement in college student performance in the history of the college. The school aligned every thing it does from lessons taught, formative and summative testing to fit the State Requirements and is presently aligning this to be main schools in Northern California to be in compliance with the Common Key Standards. It could appear, by least at Freedom High school graduation, a strong union has in no way stymied school reform. Both equally sides of the issue have merit. There are problems in education that are hard to address mainly because unions enter the way. In EL Cerrito High School in 1990, the football team bought fresh paint, nails, and lumber to repair dangerous and outdated bleachers. The team got parents to volunteer time to make the repairs. The parents in control of the fixes all got contractor's permit. The fixes went very well and the outdated dilapidated bleachers became safe and pleasing to the eye. The maintenance staff filed a grievance with their union stating they should have already been paid to accomplish the job. They claimed the fact that parent's group cost all of them overtime hours. The fact was there was necessary for carrying out the job or having the needed products. In other words, unless a you are not selected group made it happen the bleachers would never always be fixed. Despite this the school had to pay ten hours of overtime to 2 maintenance employees, neither who have knew everything with fixing bleachers. This funds was removed from the basketball budget and in the long run the kids suffered. There are several examples similar to this and just as much examples of the actual need for unions to protect the rights of teachers. One problem faced by reformers is the motion has described by a extremely specific, slim set of ideas: choice and testing and experimenting with educator compensation and benefits. Little or no...

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