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Lender of Credit and Business International

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Bank of Credit and Commerce Worldwide

Industry| Banking

Fate| Liquidation / Forced closure

Defunct| 1991

Headquarters| LondonВ (incorporated inLuxembourg)

Key people| Agha Hasan AbediВ (Founder)

Employees| approx. 30, 000

TheВ Bank of Credit and Trade InternationalВ (BCCI) was obviously a major internationalВ bankВ founded in 1972 byВ Agha Hasan Abedi, a PakistaniВ financier.[1]В The Bank was registered inВ LuxembourgВ with head office buildings inВ KarachiВ andВ London. Within a decade BCCI touched it is peak. That operated in 78 countries, had above 400 twigs, and had resources in excess ofВ US$20 billion, rendering it the 7th largest private bank on the globe by resources.[2][3] BCCI came under the scrutiny of several financial regulators and brains agencies inside the 1980s due to concerns it turned out poorly controlled. Subsequent investigations revealed that it was involved in massiveВ money launderingВ and otherВ financial crimes, and illegally obtained controlling interest in a major American bank. BCCI became the focus of a substantial regulatory struggle in 1991 and on 5 This summer of that year customs and bank government bodies in several countries raided and locked down documents of its branch offices.[4] Investigators in the U. T. and the UK revealed that BCCI had been " set up deliberately to avoid centralizedВ regulatory review, and operated substantially in lender secrecy jurisdictions. Its affairs were extremely complex. Their officers had been sophisticated worldwide bankers whose apparent objective was to maintain their affairs secret, to commit fraud on a significant scale, also to avoid recognition. " TheВ liquidators, В Deloitte & Touche, filed a lawsuit againstВ Price WaterhouseВ andВ Ernst & Young – the bank's auditors – which was resolved for $175 million over 10 years ago. A further court action againstВ UAE President Zayed 2, a major aktionar, was launched it happened in 1999 for approximately $400 million. BCCI creditors as well instituted a $1 billion match against theВ Bank of EnglandВ as a regulatory body. After a nine-year have difficulties, due to the Bank's statutory defenses, the case visited trial in January 2005. However , in November june 2006, Deloitte persuaded creditor Abu Dhabi to drop its claims against the Traditional bank of Britain, except for a claim to get return of its build up, in that Abu Dhabi possessed 77% from the bank shares at final, and was therefore also facing a major lawsuit. В[2]В To date liquidators have recovered about 75% of the creditors' lost money.[5]В A 10 years after it is liquidation, the activities had been still not completely understood.[4] ContentsВ В[hide]В * 1В History 2. 2В Lending methods * installment payments on your 1В Funding to criminals and dictators 5. 2 . 2В CIA funding to the Afghan Mujahideen and the Contras * 2 . 3В After the decline of Soviet Union * 3В Philanthropic contributions * 4В The Sandstorm report 2. 5В The required closure of BCCI 2. 6В Former administrators * 7В See also * 8В Notes 2. 9В References 5. 10В External links| -------------------------------------------------


BCCI's founder, В Agha Hasan Abedi, started out the bank 39 years ago. Abedi, a prolific banker, had previously set up the United Financial institution of Pakistan in 1959. Preceding the nationalization of Usa Bank in 1974 this individual sought to make a new supranational banking enterprise. Abedi was succeeded simply by Swaleh Naqvi as the bank's chief who, in the aftermath subsequent controversy more than BCCI, was replaced by simply Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry back in the 1990s. BCCI was created with capital fromВ Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan 's Nahyan, the ruler ofВ Abu DhabiВ in theВ United Arab EmiratesВ andВ Bank of AmericaВ (25%). BCCI extended rapidly in the early 1970s, pursuing long lasting asset growth over income, seeking substantial net-worth persons and frequent large build up. The company alone divided into BCCI Holdings while using bank beneath that splitting into BCCIВ SAВ (Luxembourg) and BCCI Overseas (Grand Cayman)....