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Inventory Exercise

1 ) Sam's feline hotel operate 52 weeks/yr, 6 days/week, and uses a continuous review inventory program. It acquisitions kitty litter for $11. 70 per bag. The subsequent information can be bought about these carriers.

Demand = 90 bags/week

Order cost = $54/order

Annual keeping cost sama dengan 27 %of cost

Ideal cycle-service level = many of these

Lead period = 23 days (18 functioning days)

Common deviation of weekly demand = 12-15 bags

Current On-hand products on hand is 320 bags, with no open purchase or backorders. a.




What is the EOQ? What would be the average time between requests (in weeks)? What ought to Reorder stage be?

An inventory withdrawal of 10 bags was just realized. Is it time to reorder? Their grocer current works on the lot size of 500 carriers. What is the annual having cost of this policy? Annual ordering cost? Without calculating the EOQ, How can you consider from these two calculations the fact that current whole lot size is too large? e. What would be the annual cost kept by moving from the 500- bag lot size to the EOQ?

installment payments on your Nationwide Parts uses a periodic reviews inventory control system for one of its inventory items. The review span is six weeks, and the business lead time for getting the materials bought from its wholesaler is three weeks. Regular demand is generally distributed, having a mean of 100 products and a typical deviation of 20 devices. a. Precisely what is the average as well as the standard deviation of require during the protection interval?

n. What ought to be the target products on hand level in the event the firm desire 97. five per cent stockout security?

c. What should be the concentrate on inventory level if the firm desire 99 % Complete Rata? m. If three hundred and fifty units had been in share at the time of periodic review, how many devices should be order?

3. Each week demand has recently been forecast applying exponential smoothing for a specific thing with 3rd party demand. The forecast signifies an average require of three hundred per week, 52 weeks per year, and the UPSET of the forecast is twenty (recall the standard change of every week demand is therefore ≈...