Essay about Force and Free Human body Diagram

ASSIGNMENT a couple of

DUE DATE: 5 DECEMBER 2012 (Submit into Mr. Ng Poh Kiat's pigeon box)

Instructions: This is an individual assignment. Answer both Section A and Section B. The answers Has to be in created form. Marks will be deducted if branded copies, photocopies or electronic formats are submitted. You should submit the particular answer linen with your identity and college student ID on it. Marks will probably be deducted for late submitter.

Section A (6 marks)

1 . Precisely what is the definition of mass?

A. How much some thing weighs.

B. How hard something pushes on the ground.

C. Amount of resistance of an subject to speed if it is or else able to openly move. M. None from the above.

installment payments on your Inertia is ________.

A. A property of matter

W. A type of force

C. The speed of an object

D. Any of the above

several. P and Q are two objects with world 100 kg and 75 kg correspondingly, then ________. A. Both will have precisely the same inertia

W. Q could have more inertia

C. P will have more inertia

M. Both will have less masse

4. Newton's second legislation of action states that the unbalanced pressure that functions upon a subject causes this to: A. Accelerate

B. Not increase the speed of (keep precisely the same velocity)

C. Have a velocity

M. Have a displacement

five. If two boxes are pushed with all the same amount of total force, and one weighs in at 1kg as well as the other weighs in at 100kg, what kind will accelerate faster? A. 1 kilogram box.

M. 100 kg box.

C. They will increase at the same price.

D. Neither will increase the speed of.

6. What is the push acting on a subject of mass 10 kg moving which has a uniform velocity of 12 m/s? A. 100 N

B. 15 N

C. 0

M. 1 D

Section N

1 . A 3kg field is being pulled with a force of doze N (See Figure 1). The position-time graph in the box is given in Number 2 .

a. Design a free body diagram of the forces working on the box. (2 marks)

m. Determine the coefficient of friction among box and surface....