Essay regarding Fire Alert Circuit

Fireplace alarm circuit


Listed here is a simple flames alarm signal based on a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and lamp pair for realizing the fire. The alarm works by sensing the smoke created during fire. The outlet produces an audible burglar alarm when the fire breaks away with smoke. When there is no smoke the sunshine from the light will be directly falling within the LDR. The LDR level of resistance will be low and so the ac electricity across that (below 0. 6V). The transistor will be OFF certainly nothing happens. When ever there is adequate smoke to mask the sunshine from dropping on LDR, the LDR resistance increases and so the actual voltage throughout it. At this point the receptor will in order to ON. This provides you with power to the IC1 and it outputs 5V. This kind of powers the tone electrical generator IC UM66 (IC2)В to learn a music. This music will be increased by IC3 (TDA 2002) to drive the speaker. Resistor R6 is supposed for safeguarding the receptor when R4 is flipped towards low resistance principles. Resistor R2 and R1 forms a feedback network for the TDA2002 and C1 lovers the supply back signal from the passageway of R1 & R2 to the inverting input of the same IC. The diode D1 and D2 in combination drops 1 . 4 V to have the rated voltage (3. 5V ) to UM66. UM66 cannot a lot more than 4V.


Power supply for the circuit.

A proper regulated power supply is essential in this circuit since even small variations inside the supply voltage could alter the biasing from the transistor utilized in the fire realizing section which could critically affect the circuit's performance. [pic]

A controlled 9V/500mA power that can be used pertaining to powering the basic fire burglar alarm circuit and its particular modified variations is shown above. Transformer T1 is actually a 230V primary, 12V supplementary, 500mA stage down transformer. D1 is actually a 1A connection which functions the job of rectification. Capacitor C1 filters the rectifier output and C2 may be the AC by-pass capacitor. IC1 (7809) is a 9V set positive voltage regulator. The outcome of the rectifier+filter section can be...