Employer and Employee Relationships Essay


Company and Worker Relations

Jeffrey Cox, Alicia Hill, Theresa Kirkwood, Lisa Layne, Christopher Mead, & Matthew Sanders University of Phoenix Online

MGT/434 Jennifer Schneider

March 15, 2010

Employer and Employee Associations

Organisations face a large number of challenges in the workplace yet federal laws and regulating agencies exist to ensure that employers' are appropriately operating within the current laws and regulations and recommendations to protect employees' from unjust or discriminatory actions. The understanding of federal government and local regulations is critical to get both parties to ascertain their legal rights and responsibilities. The employer should be able to discover if an employees' status since employee or independent contractor is correct to get tax and benefit purposes; in addition to exemption status on overtime, however, compensation and employment at will laws. Group B will address problems and how that they pertain to the public college system. Staff versus Company The public institution district must correctly see whether an individual is definitely an employee or perhaps considered persistent contractor because the law requires that an employer withhold and pay: federal and state taxation; social protection and Medicare insurance taxes; and unemployment taxes from the employees' pay examine. Employees' are getting benefits which the company gives. Independent contractors' are responsible intended for paying the required government choices and do not be eligible for company benefits. The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 20-factor examination can be used to identify which status an individual satisfies by discovering if the employer: mandates the hours worked well; provides every one of the tools or materials; requires the individual file mandatory information to the firm; pays travel around expenses; and continual supervision. The engagement and responsibility of the employer to control the individuals' operate...

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