Essay about Identify, illustrate and explain the purpose of many different types of work with people

Youth work

A junior workers duty is to support a young person aged between 11 to twenty-five to enhance their very own personal, educational and sociable development expertise.

A junior worker aims to help the person to take action on issues altering their daily lives just like health, education, unemployment and their environment, using many strategies and actions in offering guidance and counselling.


Care staff member

Care employees work with a selection people who suffer from, autism, dementia, arthritis and physical or mental impairment etc .

Example of a proper care worker that is working with an elderly person, assists, supervises, and helps individuals who have difficulty in executing day to day responsibilities such as cleaning, dressing, toileting, bathing, meal preparation and medicine.

The care workers purpose is to build a clean and secure environment to get the individual.


Social employee

A cultural worker can be described as trained specialist who assists people affected by mental or physical needs to get relevant support services.

A social employee has to attain a degree in social work to be a certified practising cultural worker, which in turn takes 36 months.

Social personnel often assist people suffering from problems in every area of your life or people who are socially excluded. Their target and purpose is to present support and allow service users to help themselves. Social workers maintain a powerful relationship with service users acting as a guide, counsel or being a friend.