Colonial Democracy Dbq Essay

Mike Miller


Mr. Hammond


During the colonial period of time, the thirteen colonies began to develop democratic features. However , various parts of imperialiste lifestyle were not democratic. A closer look at the time period shows that democracy was a work in progress.

One democratic feature of colonial America was that devices elected by people produced laws to get the colonies, but this kind of feature had an undemocratic part as well. In order to vote could onlu be a white, male, landowner. The Virginia House of Burgesses is a perfect example of theses democratic devices in the colonies (Doc. 6). Each colony had a legislature made up of representatives chosen by the people. This was one of the most democratic features of the colonies. However , these legislatures were made from representatives that just certain persons could prefer. The voting requirements in the colonies had been very stringent. In order to election you had to certainly be a white, landowning Christian (Doc. 2). This kind of factor of the colonies was very undemocratic.

Another democratic feature of colonial America was the flexibility of religion. Maryland's Act of Toleration was one of many laws in the groupe that shielded colonist's spiritual rights (Doc. 1). A lot of colonies wherever founded only so people could be granted their spiritual freedom. Baltimore was founded as a safe haven for Catholics to escape persecution. Groupe like Rhode Island and Pennsylvania were also founded for people to practice their beliefs freely. Faith based freedom was one of the most democratic aspects of colonial time life.

One undemocratic feature of colonial America was slavery. In the colonies slaves experienced no rights and were treated incredibly poorly. Most African slaves were taken to the groupe through the Midsection Passage. These slaves had been packed on to ships in very small spaces with little or no food for several weeks (Doc. 5). Slavery can be clearly undemocratic, but for a large number of people inside the thirteen groupe, especially the southern,...