п»їSafeway Incorporation. (SWY) SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION'S 10-K Statement

Cassandria G. Menefee

Acct 220

Feb . 28, 2015

Safeway Inc. is a food and medication retailer using its principal professional offices positioned in Pleasanton, California. Safeway, among the largest suppliers of its kind in the United States, was incorporated in Delaware in 1986. Safeway owns GroceryWorks. com and online food market and provides prepay gift cards, companies payment providers through their subsidiary Blackhawk Network. Safeway also owns 49% of Casa Justicia, S. A. Casa Equidad consists of 200 grocery and retail stores in Mexico. Safeway prides alone on supplying a unique shopping experience focusing on high quality generate and chicken as well as competitive pricing and weekly revenue and offers. The financial year end is 12 , 28 and the company's self-employed auditor is definitely the company Deloitte & Patte LLP. Recently, Safeway Incorporation. traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol SWY). Inventory Strategies

Safeway inventories consist of items, perishables, drug-store and energy. The value of goods is determined by the reduced of expense of market over a last-in, first-out basis (LIFO). At monetary year-end 2013, merchandise products on hand of $1, 643. a couple of million was slightly decreased from $1, 608. four million by fiscal year-end 2012. As a result of a drastically short shelf life, perishables are calculated every month and are respected on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) cost. Pharmacy and energy are appreciated at the FIFO lower cost of market. Total of all arrays was $2, 089. six million in fiscal year-end, which lowered from $2, 562. zero million in 2012. Accounts Receivables

Safeway's accounts receivables at the conclusion of monetary year 2013 was $1, 211. 4 million, which will increased by $909. 0 million by year-end 2012. Accounts receivables include chemist, gift card, and miscellaneous control receivables. Property and Liabilities

A significant portion in the assets is represented by simply cash and cash variation ($4, 647. 3 million),...