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Project one particular Wellness Profile

Lab 1 ) 1 – Wellness Account (see site 23)

Physical wellness – Eating very well, getting regular checkups, and recognizing symptoms of diseases.

Psychological wellness – Optimism, self-esteem, self-confidence, plus the ability to understand and agree to one's feeling.

Intellectual wellness – Capacity to question, inspiration to master additional skills, sense of humor, imagination, and curiosity.

Psychic wellness – Capacity for appreciate, forgiveness, devotion, compassion, joy, fulfillment, caring for others, feeling of which means and purpose, sense of belonging to some thing greater than their self,

Interpersonal/social health and fitness – Conversation skills, convenience of intimacy, capability to establish and look after satisfying relationships, ability to cultivate support systems of relatives and buddies.

Environmental wellness – Having abundant, clean natural resources, retaining sustainable solutions, recycle whenever you can,

Top 5 Most Important Advantages – Forgiveness, optimism, sense of humor, ability to set up and maintain rewarding relationships, and caring for others.

Based on your current way of living and your desired goals for the future, what do you think your placement within the wellness entier will be in 10 years? What new health behaviors would you like to have to choose to achieve your goals? In a decade, I believe I will be placed with the high level of wellness in the well continuum. To achieve that aim I will adopt a better physical wellness. That is my biggest issue therefore i want to learn start exercising regularly and much healthier ways to work out and boost my overall flexibility.

Using Your Outcomes

How did you rating? Are you pleased with your current amount of wellness -- overall? After which each dimension? Which sizing do you want to improve and why?

Research laboratory 1 . two Lifestyle Evaluation p. twenty-five

Exercise/Fitness Score -- 6

Nutrition Score -- 9

Tobacco Use Report -- 15

Alcohol and medicines...